Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day Two - Flavor Rocco Dispirito - Shrimp in Spiced Phyllo with Tomato Chutney, Quick Miso Chicken, and Truffled Taro Root

To day was a fun day in the kitchen.  I could have kept cooking for hours, but I held off and stuck with the three recipes; Shrimp in Spiced Phyllo with Tomato Chutney, Quick Miso Chicken and Truffled Taro Root.

The Shrimp dish is an appetizer. The shrimp were light and simple in flavor.  The Chutney gives the shrimp a wow factor.  The combination between the Tomato Chutney and the Shrimp Spiced Phyllo makes an elegant and delicious appetizer.

The Miso Chicken and Truffled Taro turned out to be a great combination, I made asparagus as the vegetable side and enjoyed a lovely Resiling with the complete meal.  Our dinner was scrumptious.
 Taro Root may sound foreign to many people, but it's also known as dasheen, eddo, kalo, or poi.  It's cultivated in West Africa, Asia, Central America, South America, Caribbean and Polynesian islands.  The Taro is starchy and it's taste and texture are similar to a potatoes.  We really enjoyed it.  How could we not, after 1/2 a stick of butter and truffle oil was added.  The Miso Chicken was so easy and like the title reads, quick to make.  It's a perfect meat dish to make during the week.

All in all our meal was great tonight.  I'm really enjoying Rocco's approach to flavors and mixing things up a bit.  He provides a great detailed outline on tastes; sour, salty, sweet, and bitter.  There is a list at the back of the book itemizing foods that fit under each category and each recipe has a legend  with a color dot for each taste that corresponds to each ingredient in the recipe.

I can really taste that this book has been tested many times before publishing.  The book is very detailed and easy to follow and so far the flavors have been amazing.

The Cookbook Addict