Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day Four - A Taste of Canada - Moroccan Chicken Stew With Saffron Dumplings

Where do I start?  Rose Murray writes that Chicken Stew is one of her husband’s favorite meals. So, she decided to put a spin on it and make the Stew more Middle Eastern in flavor.  She indicated that her husband was "pretty happy" with the results. My family on the other hand didn't share his appreciation for the dish, nor did I.

Once again, the dish is mindless to pull together and it's economical.  The problem lies in the flavor and texture.   I should have been on guard when Rose recommended that you stew the chicken for 40 - 45 minutes on the stove after browning it.  The problem with that approach is the chicken gets a bit too soft. A matter of fact, everything gets too soft.  If you're having dental work and won't be able eat for a day or two, this is the meal for you.  Or if you are having gastric issues, again this is the meal for you.  The flavors were way too bland.  Not sure which part of Canada this dish comes from, obviously a place where flavor is not a priority.

I sure hope that tomorrow is a better food day.  Unfortunately, there is no Poutine, Steamies, Smoke Meat, Chinese Egg Rolls, or Bagel recipes in this book.  However, there is a Sticky-Crisp Barbecued Rib recipe that may fit the bill.  I’ll give go tomorrow and hope that this book can redeem itself.

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Susan said...

You're right...which part of Canada did this come from? When you find out, remind me not to go there.

One more thing... tell me how you really feel about the stew!! Haha!!