Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day Five - Michael Chiarello's Casual Cooking - Shrimp Boil!!! Yahoo

Friday I was really in the mood to spoil myself.  I wanted something decadent and something for two.  I was looking to bring in a little Friday romance.  I made the Shrimp Boil form Michael Chiarello's Casual Cooking and Steamed Mussels with Fennel from the Food and Drink Magazine Compliments from the LCBO.  We had the Mussels as an appetizer and they were so delicious we almost fainted.  The shrimp boil was the same...FANTASTIC.  Both recipes took minutes to prepare and we were stuffed and in heaven after our meal.  Unfortunately my husband and I didn't get to eat together until the end of the meal, since the baby was pretty cranky for a good part of the evening which was okay.

The Shrimp Boil was easy, a few spices and then dump your veggies (potatoes, garlic, onions and artichoke) until they are cooked then add your shrimp.   I dumped it on newspaper and we ate like little piggy's.  Michael suggests fennel salt, unsalted butter or salt for dipping.  But I made a mayo and garlic dip that hit the spot. (Sorry - no pictures of this recipe. The camera died, but I did add the recipe to my blog.  Click shrimp boil underlined on this page or check under categories for shrimp.)\

The mussels?  I'm never disappointed when I make a recipe from the Food and Drink Magazine.  When you follow their recipes you can't go wrong.  I don't even test out a recipe from their book before making it for a special dinner party.  That's how sure I am about these Magazines.  If you have the time and money, you can even pair the recommended wines with the recipes.

Anyway, I'm not here to review the LCBO Food and Drink.  Again, why would I they are perfect every time.  But, getting back to the Casual Cooking cookbook.  It was a fun week trying out this book.  I was even able to keep the most finicky people happy.  The meals are perfect for make during the week.  Little time and little effort with big success.  

This book really gives you a taste of Italy but still not taking you too far away from everyday home cooking.  During the workweeks, or even for dinner parties, I'll revert back to this book.  YOU GO MICHAEL!

VERDICTMichael Chiarello's Casual Cooking -Passed the Test!

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