Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day Four - The Weeknight Cook - Lobster Roll for Lunch and Crab Salad Bites for Dinner

The Lobster Roll........

I had my first lobster roll about 6 years ago in Nova Scotia and the second one in PEI.  I LOVE lobster as much as I love garlic and butter.  Put all three ingredients together and you have heaven.  I could never be tired of Lobster and garlic butter.  I love the rich meaty taste and the texture.  I've embraced most shellfish, mainly because I'm allergic to fish with scales.  So, out of all the shellfish out there, Lobster is my favorite.  I figured that since we were in the Lobster capital of Canada, I would try my true love in all available preparations.  Of course the Lobster Roll was the first on the list, mainly because it was advertised everywhere throughout Nova Scotia to PEI.

When I made the Roll from The Weeknight Cook book, it took me back to the ones I had in the past, rich, filling and a waste of a good lobster.  Yep, you read right...lobster rolls as far as I'm concerned are a total waste of a good lobster.  The flavors of the lobster are lost in the dressing and bread.  I keep trying out various lobster roll recipes in hope that I will find one that accentuates the fine meat of the crustacean.  I haven't been successful as of yet.  There are a thousand and one ways to make a lobster roll.  Everyone seems to have his or her own version, with melted butter, or with mayonnaise, with celery or with red pepper. The recipe in this book nailed the flavors I remember out East.  The problem still stands...why waste a good lobster.

We had the Crab Salad Bites as a starter for dinner.  All I can say was they were okay. They tasted a bit plain.  A jalapeno pepper or chili pepper would have given it a bit more kick, but the dish will do in a pinch.  Just so we are clear, I wouldn't serve it to guest unless I jazzed the flavors up a bit.
The Cookbook Addict