Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Michael Chiarello's Casual Cooking - Veal Milanese with Salsa Rosa and Potatoes "Da Delfina"

"Michael Chiarello's style embraces the rich traditions of Italian Culinary heritage and casual style and fresh flavor of the wine country" from Casual Cooking. I have to agree with the book. 

Today I made the Veal Milanese with Potatoes "Da Delfina".  I was tight on time so I didn't make the Salsa Rosa.  One thing about Italian sauces is that you really have to devote your time, patience and passion to them, and I wasn't feeling much of that today.  So I devoted what I had to offer to the Veal and Potatoes. 

The veal was simple and let me say damn good with a squeeze lemon.  I used an Italian salad mix instead of just arugula for some variety.  The meat melted in my mouth and the taste was light but very memorable.   The potatoes were great too.  I've never had this style of potatoes.  If you are a garlic lover you'll like this recipe because there is a 1/4 cup of garlic.....tasty tasty.  Michael Chiarello tells you to press the cooked potatoes gently with the heal of your hand, the potato is then fried and then seasoned.  This technique really allows the potatoes to absorb the flavor.

The Cookbook Addict