Monday, March 1, 2010

Day One - A Taste Of Canada A Culinary Journey - Tortiere Turnovers

After the Canadian Athletes performed so well in the Olympics and we won the hockey game last night, my blog readers have convinced me to go with "A Taste of Canada A Culinary Journey, by Rose Murray" which I am in total agreement with.

This book presents its self as a coffee table book.  The pictures of various parts of Canada are breathtaking and the foods look palatabley familiar.  Today I decided to pick one of the foods that brings me back to where I was born...Quebec.  The recipe of choice is Tourtieres.  Savory French Canadian meat pies that we use to have during the Christmas Holidays.  The smell of savory spice and cinnamon filling the house.  Hmmmmm.  The fun part is that Rose Murray has taken these family size pies and turned them into two bit size appetizers.  Flavorful meat with potatoes and spice wrapped in buttery, flaky puff pastry.
Once you have followed Rose's recipe for these little bundles, you could probably make them again in your sleep. Even better, you can make them at least 2 months in advance and freeze them for an other day. The book recommends a tomato relish or fruity chili sauce to accompany the tourtieres to help temper their richness, which I agree with.

The recipe makes 48 turnovers.  I just baked what we were going to eat and froze the rest, thank goodness otherwise I would still be eating them.

The Cookbook Addict


tonic said...

Those look great!! I love the new look of your blog! :-)

A Cookbook Addict said...

Thank! I almost called you, but I pushed myself to get my brain around the whole updating idea.

The Turnovers are so yummy, I'm still eating them for breakfast. There even great microwaved. Just don't tell anyone I said that. giggle giggle.

Melanie Cohen said...

Hmm... I've heard that the Rose Murray's recipes are delicious and because I love to cook I will buy her book.
A friend gave me a voucher and I will get it from here: the price will be like $15... really good and I don't have to pay for the shipping :D I will try some of her recipes and I will be back with an opinion. Thanks for the article and the Tourtieres look yummy!