Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day Two - A Taste of Canada - Zesty Three-Cheese Macaroni

Tonight I had a date night with my two kids.  I wanted to make a dinner that any kid would like, so I took a page in A Taste of Canada and made the Zesty Three-Cheese Macaroni.  I guess the first clue that this dish may not be successful should have been the word zesty and the second would have been the old Cheddar Cheese. 

The Zesty Three-Cheese Macaroni was a tomato base pasta dish with a cheesy custard topping. The dish was quick to pull together, but I had a few issues with the ingredients, which may be personal taste, but deep in my heart I found this dish was lacking or should I say had too much of something.  Some of the ingredients really competed with each other.  The old Cheddar cheese was a bit too sharp for me and overpowered the other two cheeses Asiago and Provolone.  What really put me off was the dry mustard and the dried thyme.  I think that these ingredients would have mellowed the dish if the thyme was fresh and it called for prepared mustard.

I would give this dish another try, but I would use cheeses that would be a bit mellower.  I think the cheeses should complement each other, hold hands, and be friends.  Were as with this dish, it reminded me more of a UFC fight with the referee dragged in to it.  Not too happy!

Did my son like it?  Not so much.  He was polite and had a few bites.  I on the other hand couldn't bear to take another bite

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