Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day One - Ingrid Hoffmann Simply Deliciouso - Dad's Absolutley Amazing Brandied Shrimp

As you know I usually blog from Monday to Friday.  But this weekend was so busy that I really needed a break from food and cooking.

We hosted a meet and greet for my grandmother on Sunday.  I spent Saturday cleaning, shopping and cooking and Sunday (the day of the event) cooking and cleaning and entertaining. So I took a few days to recoup. 

Today I was stumped on what to make for dinner so I figured might as well start testing another book for the week. 

My girlfriend Joanne and her husband introduced me to Ingrid Hoffmann Simply Delicioso cookbook.  Ingrid Hoffmann had a show on the Food Network introducing amazing Latin food.  When Joanne came into work she would tell me about what her husband made for dinner the night before from Ingrid's show and how delicious it was.  So I decided to buy the book.  The pictures are so vivid and delicious looking that you just have to try the recipes.

Today I made the "dad's absolutely amazing brandied shrimp".  My husband couldn't stop complimenting how delicious it was.  I thought it was quite tasty and let me say it didn't take any time at all to make.  I even cheated and made the dish with precooked frozen shrimp.  I just simmered the dish on low so I wouldn't over cook the shrimp.  The dish came out perfectly.  I've posted the recipe on my blog under Shrimp, give it a try.

The Cookbook Addict


Mark said...

Yes. Very delicious!

The husband.