Friday, February 12, 2010

Day Five - Into The Vietnamese Kitchens - Fried Wontons

Thank God It's Friday.  Daddy has night duty with the baby and today is the last day of making Vietnamese food.

 I didn't make an extravagant meal today.  I actually only made an appetizer.  The Fried Wontons (Hoanh Thanh Chien).  I filled the wontons with ground pork and shrimp and added the seasonings listed.  As usual with this book, the dish came together quick and easy.  I then made the dipping sauce, which was minimal effort. Why do take-out I say....these little bad boys were delicious.

I learned one thing about testing certain cookbooks for five days.  It's five days of eating the same style foods so you better love it!  I did and still do love Vietnamese food, the questions is do I like Vietnamese cooking?

The book Into The Vietnamese Kitchen is the perfect cookbook if you want an introduction to this style of cooking.  Author, Andrea Nguyen, provides extensive details about frequently used ingredients in Vietnamese dishes.  Pictures are provided to help point you in the right direction in the produce section and she gives a homey explanation about how these dishes bring her back to her childhood and how some recipes have been adjusted to north American ingredients, such as butter.

Into The Vietnamese Kitchens is definitely a buy, not just for the recipes but for the reading and the history.

The recipes were true to form.  The meals tasted just like what I've experienced at of the many Vietnamese restaurants in downtown Toronto and Mississauga.  Is it authentic?  I hope to one day be able to answer that question.


 The Cookbook Addict