Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day Four - Jamie's Food Revolution - Lasagne(a)

So today I took the plunge and made the Lasagne (a).  I kept reading over the recipe and figured I would be in trouble since Jamie spells Lasagna with a (e) and not a (a).   I will continue to respect the book and spell this dish Lasagne.

One thing that is very common with British cookbooks is that they use creme fraiche/sour cream in a lot of recipes.  What floored me was that Jamie uses this ingredient in this Lasagne recipe where we would use cottage cheese or ricotta.  I built the lasagne like the true food architect that I am.  I laid the foundation bolognese sauce, the bricks fresh sheets of lasagne, then the mortar sour cream???, and then paint parmesan cheese. 

Once this suspicious creation was baked and ready, I served it up with a side salad.  Thank god for salad.  The salad had more flavor that the lasagne! We weren't too impressed.  My theory is even though Lasagna is considered a basic and simple every ingredient should have its debut. I didn't get that with this dish.  This lasagne just reminded me of all the great ones that I've had.  Look the dish wasn't uneatable, but why waste calories on something so so, when you can have something so much better.

The Cookbook Addict