Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day Two - Gordon Ramsay Makes it Easy - Steamed Asparagus with Orange Hollandaise and Fruit Kebabs with Chocolate Dip

Not my most ambitions day!  After serving pancakes at my 5-year-old Sons school, the rest of my day was consumed with a 7-month-old who just needed his Mama.  Thank God I made the Pasta with Bacon and Peas for dinner tonight.  As a side dish I made the Asparagus with Orange Hollandaise Sauce.

Two things I'm pretty good at making and was recognized for being the best at making was Hollandaise Sauce and Custard Cream.  Today, I really didn't show my expertise.  My Hollandaise sauce separated. I followed the directions precisely, so I'm not sure what went wrong.  Before my butter split from my yolk, the sauce needed a lot of seasoning.  Once the seasoning was balanced the sauce was tasty, even with the separation.

I then tried out the Fruit Kebabs with the Chocolate Dip.  If I screwed this up, then I really needed to go back to school.  But I didn't.  How do you mess up melted chocolate? Yes it's possible, but I didn't.  This entire recipe called for cut fruit and melted chocolate.  No flavorings were added, no cream, no nothing.  All in all it was simple and delicious......how could it be anything but.  We're talking chocolate here.

What I noticed about this is, the cook really has to control the seasonings for the recipes in Gordon's book.  Given that it's a family book I suspect it's not a bad thing if you are catering to fussy children, or your trying to control their intake. Also, the directions for combining the ingredients are very short which concerns me since something could be lost in translation.

Tomorrow I'll be trying the Hollandaise Sauce with Asparagus again, Chateaubriand for two and Fondont Potatoes.  Wish me luck, since I'll be using a pretty costly piece of beef.  I do plan to use my own technique for the Hollandaise sauce this time.  Same ingredients of course.

The Cookbook Addict