Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday & Sunday - Happy Valentines Day!! - Gordon Makes It Easy Ramsay Cookbook

Once again the weekend has come and gone.  However, Monday is a holiday.  So for those who are not on Mat Leave,  it will  a great 4-day work week.

Today is Sunday, February 14, 2010 - Valentines Day!!!  Which means chocolate, champagne and flowers in translation.  Mark and I gave up going out for Valentines Day since most restaurants have set menus, and most restaurants are over priced for this one special day.  So, even if you go to your favorite restaurant for the dish that you always love to eat, you may not be able to order it, and what you do get will cost a whole lot more.

Sometimes on Valentines I make a fussy, high-end dinner.  But since I started testing cookbooks, everyday is Valentines Day to me.  So today we used our dinning out money to by groceries, bought a bottle of bubbly and ate left over pizza with added homemade toppings like minced sun dried tomatoes, black olives, garlic and anchovies.  I also added buttered caramelized shrimp to my pizza and washed it down with a great bottle of red wine.  Cheep and Cheerful.

For this weeks cookbook testing, I was given a suggestion to try one of Gordon Ramsay's cookbooks.  I've watched a few of his shows, but I usually end up turning the channel because his temperament reminds me of the Chefs in my first semester in cooking school, which made me tough as nails today

I did decided to purchase his book Gordon Makes It Easy Ramsay to see if he demands the same perfection from himself as he does from others.  I have high expectations from this book.  A DVD is provided with the book, so I expect minimal complications.  This book is sold as a family friendly book, providing recipes for children to make and eat, to romantic dinners for two.

I believe that if you want any recipe to be the best it can be, you need to ensure that you buy good ingredients. Fresh and organic foods can take your meal to a whole new level.  Since Gordon is of the same mind set, his book better be great.

The Cookbook Addict


Sandula said...

I'm looking forward to this week...thanks for testing this one out. It will be good to know if the book is good for novices too.

Susan said...

Hey Sharon, is the title of the book really, "Gordon Makes it Easy Ramsey"?? That's pretty funny! Looking forward to the week. To give the recipe an authentic touch, you should ensure that you swear and through things around!

A Cookbook Addict said...

The book is actually Gordon Ramsay Makes It Easy, but I was being facetious. LOL

I'm looking forward to this book, because the food looks like it taste great on TV.