Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day Five - Jamie's Food Revolution - Paella

Day five...I almost had to pass on making something from this book today.  I spent most of the day at the mall getting ingredients for a surprise birthday cake for my cousin and wineglasses for me.  Another addiction I have (the wineglasses) that is.  These aren't any old wineglasses; they are Crystal blown Bordeaux Wine glasses made in Germany.  They are larger than any one wineglass I own, which is saying a lot if you know me.  I had to lower one of my cabinet shelves so they could fit.  I have to say I am enjoying my wine in them tonight. 

With my wine in hand, I decided to make the Paella.  I started dinner very late today, since I spent most of the day at the mall and I really didn't feel like going to the grocery store in a snow storm today.  I really had a hard time getting this dish started.  I sucked it up, went to the grocery store and at 7:30 PM I started making the dish with little enthusiasm since I still had to make dinner for my 5-year-old, and feed the baby.  Once I got past a few challenges, the dish was fast and easy to put together.  I'll be honest, it's not your traditional Paella, but it's close.  I believe Jamie designed this recipe so that even a novice could put it together.  The flavors really melded together.  Even my husband rated it between good and amazing on this one.  I have to agree.  It was quite good.

After a week of this book, I feel like I still need to try out more of the recipes.  A week is just not enough time to give this book a try.  The recipes are diverse and there are a few good and bad dishes.  I realized that this book is certainly for the novice cook.  The recipes are very easy to put together and the instructions are plain and simple.  You need to keep in mind though, that this book has a strong British influence, unlike Jamie's other books which are very Italian in nature.  So in Jamie's Food Revolution the flavors are basic and mild.   I would say that this book is for your average bachelor looking for something plain and easy to cook.

Although I may not have been a fan of the Bolognese and the Lasgane, I still think this book is worth the bucks.  I would buy the book just for the Paella and Fajita recipes alone.  I still want to try out some of the curry dishes, so I'll be hanging on to this book.  For that reason:

 The Cookbook Addict