Monday, February 8, 2010

Where Did The Weekend Go? Straight To My Hips!!!

I don't usually blog on Sundays, but I missed Saturday so I felt obligated to blog tonight. Not to mention I ate a lot of great food this weekend.

SATURDAY - I went to a baby shower for my Godson and his cute girlfriend.  The mother to be had a belly the size of a little basketball and she's due in 5 weeks.  She makes my pregnancy's look alien like, my belly was so big when I was pregnant, I wouldn't dare try to walk through a doorway sideways.

What I noticed about going to friends houses to eat, is that they always think I won't enjoy the food there because they think it's nothing like my cooking.  There is a little secret that most hosts and hostesses should know.  People who spend most of their lives in the kitchen cooking usually like to eat other peoples food.   Diversity is beautiful!

The food at the shower brought me back to the days when I first moved to Toronto.  My friend would have Sunday dinner every week to keep home traditions.  I loved her cooking.  It had been a long time since I tried it. She and her sister did the cooking, so there was a lot of food at the shower and it all tasted delicious.  The chow mien (I went back for seconds but it was all gone) That says a lot right there. The macaroni pie hummmmmmm delicious and the Jerk Chicken.  The list goes on.  The food was fantastic.  I love home cooking because the hosts put the love in the food and I sure tasted the love.

SUNDAY - Super Bowl Sunday. I know people say it's about the football, but really....isn't it about the food?
There is a lot of pressure to deliver a nice spread for Super Bowl, so to take the pressure of the host we did a pot luck.  My mission which I chose to accept was chicken wings.  Did you know there must be more ways to make a chicken wing than there is money being printed (legit or otherwise).  After hours of searching the net and going through my cookbooks I finally chose three recipes.  1. Hot Spicy Sticky Wings; 
2. Red Hot Chicken Wings; 3. Chicken Wings from the Bamboo Cookbook (in order left to right)
 All three recipes were easy to make. No. 3 Chicken Wings from the Bamboo were excellent.  They tasted just like they did at the restaurant.  All I needed was a curry chicken and rice and it would be like being back at the Bamboo

No. 1 was great.  Paula Deen out did herself.  Other than frying, there wasn't very much fat. in this dish.  The sweetness and the tang on these wings were very yummy.  I couldn't stop eating them.  It appears that the guys all liked No 1 and No 3.  Clear winners and so worth it.

The Cookbook Addict


Sandula said...

The wings tasted great as left-overs as well. Great job, thanks Sharon.