Monday, January 4, 2010

Maxine Clark's Italian Kitchen - Sorbetto Al Limone

So today I ventured out in the drifting snow and ice cold weather with a 5 month old to go to the book store.  Once I got to the store, I have to say I warmed up pretty fast.  My plan was to spend only an hour.  Three hours later I left with a few cookbooks.  I'll reveal the name of one for now.
My first pick is Italian Kitchen Simple Steps to Great Tasting Italian Food, by Maxine Clark.

I love Italian food and I had many the Zia and Nonna's (Italian Aunts and Grandmothers) teach me a few things.  And yes, I have a few Italian books amongst my collection.  But I wanted one that was more authentic.  Italian Kitchen seems to fit the bill.  The pictures look yummy and the recipes look basic but rich in flavor.

Tonight I made the the Sorbetto Al Limone (Lemon Sorbet).  The recipe was very easy to follow and even easier to pull together.  The sorbet was refreshing and smooth.  The taste of lemon hits your tongue first but the sweetness mellows the acidity.  It's a refreshing dessert or a pallet cleanser between dishes.  Or you can just have it with a shot of lemon vodka drizzled over it.  Yummmmm.

This week I'll be making the following:
fonduta di pomodori (Baked Tomatoes and melting Mozzarella)
gnocchi alla romana con le erbe (Roman Gnocchi with Herbs and Semolina)
gamberi con pasta di farina di ceci (Shrimp in Tomato Sauce with Chickpea Pasta)
focaccia al rosmarino (Foccaccia with Rosemary)
funghi trifolati (Grilled and Sauteed Mushrooms)
spinaci con uovi (Spinach with Eggs)
pollo alla diavola (Devilled Grilled Chicken)

Wish me luck.  I'll give you the day to day updates.

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tonic said...

I should have eaten breakfast before reading this, now my stomach is really growling. Those sound like some tasty dishes!! Have fun making them, and be sure to post some pictures!!