Monday, January 11, 2010

A Matter of Taste by Lucy Waverman and James Chatto

A new week has begun, and I've found a new find.  A Matter of Taste, by Lucy Waverman and James Chatto.

Let me begin by saying that Lucy Waverman is what Julia Child was to Julie on the movie "Julie and Julia".

Lucy is my Julia Child. I have four of her seven cookbooks, and since she has been the food editor for the Food and Drink magazine from the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) I've been collecting them.  I've tried many of her recipes and I have always been amazed and astonished that everyone comes out perfect.  She leaves no room for misunderstanding her recipes.

What I love about Lucy is that her recipes are tested to perfection. With Lucy's recipes,  in the Food and Drink magazine and the pairings of wines, beers or spirits, you can have the perfect dinner party.  I've hosted a few dinner parties with many of  her recipes and the wines to match each course.  If  was rich, I would do it more often. Sheer elegance.

So, I  bought this book a while ago.  I was unsure if I would get the same results I've had in the past with her recipes, since this book was written in collaboration with James Chatto and I never heard of him.

I've tried one recipe a while back,  the Spice Shrimp and Corn Boil with Herb Mayonnaise. It was easy and delicious. But lets be real. To give this book a passing grade, I'll have to test out a few more recipes

Today I took it easy.  No point going whole hog.....pardon the pun and no I didn't make pork. I made the Grilled Mushrooms and Potatoes.  It came together so quickly and we were pleasantly surprised with the taste.  I will surely make this again.

 I haven't finished reading the book, but to give you a brief description.  The book discusses the art of paring food and wine.  James Chatto provides recommendations on which wines to try with the dishes and he even matches aperitifs and cocktails as well.  A Matter of Taste categorizes the meals by seasons and then gives a full menu for special occasions or every day meals within the seasons.

Tomorrow I'll tackle a few menu items, but I'll keep them a surprise for now.

The Cookbook Addict