Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day Three - Dean & DeLuca - Perfect Soft and Moist Meat Loaf

For the past few weeks I've been dragging myself out of bed early for appointments, and taking the baby with me as well.  After each appointment, I find myself in the grocery stores looking for ingredients for the recipes that I'm going to tackle for the day.

Today I gave myself a bit of a break.  Yes, had to hustle out of the house this morning for another appointment with the baby and yes, I had to grocery shop again.  So I kept the menu very simple today.  I made meat loaf.  Every home cooks quick and economical meal.

There must be a thousand variations of meat loaf.   Meat loaf with bread filler, bread crumbs, crackers, soups, eggs etc.  I currently use a very detailed recipe for my version of a smooth moist meat loaf which has a secret ingredient that ensures that the loaf comes out moist (gelatin).  If I do say so myself, it's fantastic. So I had to try Dean & DeLuca version which they call the Perfect Soft and Moist Meat Loaf.

The best thing about D & D's Meat Loaf was that it didn't take long to put together and it didn't call for any outrageous ingredients.  It was an effortless recipe. My 5 year old loves my sweet sticky loaf so this would be a good test for the D & D version.

So I put a slice of the loaf in front of my son and husband.  They ate quietly and contently which is rare, until I heard the true results from my son "Hmmmmmm this is good Mama"  I thought it was very good.  It was moist with mild sophisticated  flavors which brought out the beefy taste of the meat loaf.

D & D did it again.  The recipe was great.

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tonic said...

Looks good! What did you serve it with?? Will this D&D recipe replace your gelatin meatloaf as the new go-to recipe? My favourite is Ina Garten's turkey meatloaf recipe. It's fantastic!

Susan said...

Meat loaf is definitely a comfort food and prepared often at our place. My recipe? Ancient family secret!!

That being said, this D&D might be worth a try.