Monday, January 18, 2010

Day One - Dean & Deluca - Perfect Crab Cakes

Lets start by saying that Dean & Deluca to a foodie is what Dolce and Gabbana is to a fashionista.

The Dean & DeLuca on line store is amazingly dangerous.  They even have virtual catalogs. You need to check out their web site:

After reviewing the web page, I ask myself  "WHY IS THIS PLACE NOT AVAILABLE IN TORONTO!!!" I guess it's a good thing, I would probably use my whole pay in the Dean & DeLuca store.  

So I guess your wondering where I'm going with this obsession with Dean and DeLuca.   I purchased their cookbook a while back, but never took the time to every use it.  Shocking I know.  So here is my chance.

Today I made the Perfect Crab Cakes.  The Crab Cakes were amazing!!! The secret to these bad boys is there is NO filler.  No bread crumbs, crackers, panko nothing.  Nothing to take away from the fresh subtle taste of the crab.  The secret is they are baked.  I was a bit worried that this recipe wouldn't come together, but it delivered more than I expected.  A little squeeze of lemon and my mouth felt like I was eating dinner by the beach at Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.  Amazing hmmmmmmm :-)

I wonder if the rest of this book can live up to the Crab Cakes.  I'll keep you posted.

The Cookbook Addict.