Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day Four - The Dean & DeLuca Cookbook - Falafel and Mujadarah

As I mentioned in my previous blogs, the Dean & DeLuca cookbook takes you around the world.  Today I opted for Lebanese food.

I have to admit, I was moving a bit slow today so I didn't complete as many recipes as I had hoped. I decided to try the falafel recipe.  Blending the ingredients was the easy part......frying....not so much.  I've made falafel's before so everything seemed straight forward, but once I put them in the oil for frying the oil became falafel soup.  Not impressed. I fried the last batch with minimal oil and the mixture still fell apart.  The falafel's tasted great, but didn't hold together.

The Mujadarah (Lebanese Rice and Lentils with Caramelized Onions) was amazingly tasty.  The recipe gives you the option to use basmati or long-grain white rice. I went with brown basmati.  The rice created a nice nutty flavor and the onions provided a mild sweetness. Another good one for D & D.

One thing I noticed after I finished reading the book was there are no dessert recipes.  It took me a bit of time to notice, since I'm not a dessert freak.  I like dessert, but I don't offer them after dinner during the week. We don't need the extra calories in this house.  But if I'm having a dinner party, I try to make an effort to make something.

Tomorrow is the last test day for this book and I'm feeling the urge to eat something rich and elegant.  I'll leaf through the book again and see what I can find. So far the recipes are a conservative take on authentic food.  So if you haven't had Lebanese food before, the flavors in this book are delicate enough for newbies.

The Cookbook Addict