Friday, January 22, 2010

Day Five - Dean & DeLuca Gratin Dauphingis & Sauteed Veal Scallops with Creamy Brown Butter Sauce with Capers and Pimientos

 OMG!!!! Yesterday I blogged that I wanted to eat something decedent, well I got my wish.  Dinner tonight was beyond amazing.  The Gratin Dauphinois is a creamy potato gratin from eastern France.  The potatoes are first sliced very thin and boiled in milk, garlic and nutmeg.  Then the potatoes are drained transferred to a gratin dish and dressed with salt more nutmeg, gruyere cheese and 35% cream.  Now how could all those ingredients be bad.   It couldn't.  If I could hug this dish I would.
Then the Sauteed Veal Scallops, with the Creamy Brown Butter Sauce with Capers and Pimentos, I'm in love.  Everything was delicious, rich and amazing.  I truly believe, if we went out to dinner and ordered this meal, it would of cost us a small fortune.  Not to mention, I would have to go out in the cold to get the meal.  These recipes were rich, and perfect.

 The Dean & Deluca cookbook is truly a book for everyone,  This book takes you around the world with menus from various countries. The instructions are simple and direct.  The only down side to this book is there are no pictures and no desserts.  Which was probably the reason why it took me so long to crack the spine, which I now regret.

I truly believe that if your the kind of person that wants to try new foods, but afraid of the intensity of flavors this book would be for you.  The food is great and not too intimidating. It's a good introduction to foods around the world.  Don't get me wrong. The flavors are there but not with the same authentic concentration  you would get from members from the various cultures noted in this book.

After a week trying the Dean & DeLuca Cookbook the


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